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Welcome to my Web Site

88 Marathons so far and counting.....of which

44 are ultra-marathons, and counting.......





M2M Ultra: September 2011

345 miles the length of Ireland in 11 days

Running between 28 and 37 miles a day!

I was one of 9 ultrarunners who finished.

Read my M2M Report here


End to End Challenge: details here

I ran 3 times the E2E of the island and raised 250  for the Hyperbaric Chamber.


JOGLE was April 30th to May 14th 2010

860 miles from John O'Groats to Lands End in 15 days!

 Read my JOGLE Blog here


My Isle of Man Promenade Runs and Santa Dash 2009

6 marathons in 6 days along IOM Promenades - February 2010: details here

Santa Dash at bottom of the Prom Runs page.


Inaugural Commonwealth Ultradistance Championships September 2009: details here


Welcome to my Web Site!

Hi!  My name is Bethany Clague.  I live on the beautiful Isle of Man, “Ellan Vannin,” in the middle of the Irish Sea. 

  I am single and a freespirit, doing the thing I love doing: running..


About my running:

I watched the 2004 London Marathon on TV.  I have always said, since I was 18, that one day I would run a marathon.  I was amazed to see “ordinary” people of all shapes, sizes, fitness and ages running 26.2 miles for charity.  It completely inspired me!  I thought, “if they can do it, so can I.” 

Next day I bought a pair of good trainers and took my first tentative running steps outside, incredibly embarrassed and self-conscious in case anyone recognised me.  I managed about 200metres running and then stopped to walk.  Doing this I completed my first mile – not far, slow and painful, but I had enjoyed it. 

I then began to build up the distances, times, fitness, and I ran my first marathon in June 2005 in Edinburgh.  I am trying to get into London but after 3 ballots I have failed to get a place.  Maybe 2008?  I have now run a total of 6 marathons and loved every one of them.  They are hard, painful and exhausting, yet the achievement is tremendous, as well as the support of the crowds. 

On Nov 5th 2006 I joined a running club called IOMVAC – IOM Veteran Athletic’s Club.

Photo Album

Look at my running photos here.


What to do next:

Now that the marathon distance has been done, I am looking for new challenges.  I have come across “ultrarunning” or “ultramarathoning”.  Basically it is running any distance above the marathon i.e. from 30 miles to 6,000 miles.  When I started reading about these ultra distances, I was fascinated about the races and the people, like Dean Karnazes – the Canadian ultrarunner who has run the furthest distance non-stop, approx. 300 miles. 

I have the DVD called “Race of Fire” showing the inaugral Trans-Australia Footrace where 25 competitors, including Bob Brown, ran 3,000 miles in 65 days across Australia.  Again I was truly inspired – what if I could run an ultra?  Well, that was it!  I was now becoming an ultrarunner. 

Training began to increase up to 50 miles a week running, and off-road running and hill running was incorporated.  I discovered the website and ran two cross country half marathons called “Tough Challenges" (see panel, left). I met the race director, Rory Coleman, an inspirational runner who has run over 540 marathons and 150 ultras and holds 9 Guinness Book of Record titles for distances run on a treadmill! I had discovered my true passion in life – not speed, but endurance. 

I want to run and run.  I want to discover my true self, push myself to my limit physically and mentally, and achieve my dreams whilst raising money for people less well off than me.  I looked at the MOB Coast (Marathon Of Britain Coast) link on and decided that was for me!  I would try my first ultra 12th-14th July 2007; 105miles in 3 days.

The story continues:---

Running History

See my running history here

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